The four most recent publications of IMEHPS are now online.

(1) On the influence of early post-discharge ambulatory contacts on the psychiatric re-hospitalisation rate:
Katschnig H., Straßmayr C., Endel F., Posch M., Steiner I.: Are early post-discharge physician contacts associated with 30-day psychiatric re-hospitalisation? A nationwide claims data based retrospective cohort study in Austria free of immortal time bias. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research 2023;e1983.

(2) On the difference between "infectious" grief and "cold" grief (in Italian):
Katschnig H.: Orfeo e il dolore contagioso e freddo. Depressione Stop 3 (Dicembre 2023) 58-61

(3) On a family school for learning how to live with schizophrenia:
Katschnig H, Sint P. Late 'Early Intervention in Psychosis': A Family School for Learning How to Live with Schizophrenia. Consortium Psychiatricum. 2021;2(3):3-16. DOI:10.17816/CP99

(4) On mental illness and the corona lockdown (in German):
"Mentally ill during the corona lockdown"
Final report to the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF),
COVID-19 Rapid Response Call 2020, Project number COV20-032